(a)    The City may exercise its option of inspecting required public improvements at any reasonable time before final acceptance of such improvements by Council.
   (b)    The installation of public improvements may not proceed until the City Manager has been notified of the subdivider's intention to proceed.
   (c)    The subdivider, however, shall assume responsibility for notifying the City of his desire to have inspection of stages of work completed at least twenty-four hours in advance of the time inspection is desired. Failure of the subdivider to so notify the City shall be interpreted by the City as a lack of readiness on the part of the subdivider to be inspected. The subdivider shall notify the City of the time and date he will be available for inspection, and failure to keep such an appointment or failure to have work for which inspection was requested completed, shall make the subdivider liable to the City for a fifty dollar ($50.00) reinspection fee. The subdivider shall be notified in writing at that time by the City Manager no later than twenty-four hours after each inspection of the results of that inspection.
   (d)    And if requested in writing, the City, through action by Council, shall accept public improvements made by a subdivider which meet the following conditions:
      (1)    Such public improvements have been made in accordance with the requirements of Chapters 1109 and 1113 of these Regulations;
      (2)    The design standards of Chapter 1109 have been adhered to;
      (3)    Installation of such public improvements has been completed according to the minimum engineering design standards and materials specifications stated in the City's rules and regulations;
      (4)    All final inspections required by the Subdivision Regulations have been carried out by the City and such public improvements were found to be acceptable by the Service Director and the City Manager; 
      (5)    "As-built" construction plans have been submitted by the subdivider to the City and release from the posted performance surety has been granted;
      (6)    The Planning Commission has found the subdivider to be in conformance with these Regulations.
         (Ord. 1974-99. Passed 10-22-74.)