In order to administer the Subdivision Regulations, the Planning Commission shall do the following:
   (a)    Review the preliminary plat submitted by a subdivider and either accept, accept with modifications or reject such preliminary plat.
   (b)    Evaluate the recommendations of the City Manager and Service Director relative to the preliminary plat and final plat applications.
   (c)    Review the final plat and construction drawings submitted by the subdivider, check that the final plat is in accordance with the preliminary plat, check that the construction drawings are in accordance with the minimum engineering design standards and materials specifications stated in the City's rules and regulations, determine that the requirements set forth in the Subdivision Regulations have been met, and either accept, accept with modifications or reject such final plat.
   (d)    Make recommendations to Council relative to the acceptance of public improvements contained within the particular subdivision.
   (e)    Make recommendations to Council concerning the need for, and type of, amendments to these Regulations, at such times as such amendments are felt to be appropriate.
(Ord. 1974-99. Passed 10-22-74)