(a)    The City Manager shall have the responsibility of acting on behalf of the Planning Commission in making an initial determination that a particular subdivider has or has not complied with the requirements of the Subdivision Regulations.
   (b)    The City Manager shall perform the following functions:
      (1)    Establish that all the requirements set forth in the Subdivision Regulations have been fully met by the subdivider;
      (2)    Make certain inspections of improvements within proposed subdivisions maintaining a vigil on the quality of the improvements and the adherence of the subdivider or developer's work to the timetables specified in these Regulations;
      (3)    Distribute, when appropriate, copies of the preliminary plat to the Service Director and other City officials for their study and review comments;
      (4)    Determine instances of noncompliance with these Regulations on the basis of an interpretation of these Regulations and the review comments of all the appropriate officials to whom review copies of the preliminary plat were sent;
      (5)    Make recommendations to the Planning Commission for action on all preliminary and final plats, certifying those final plats which are in full compliance with the provisions these Regulations;
      (6)    Maintain permanent and current records of these Regulations including amendments therein;
      (7)    Receive, review, file, forward and maintain records of preliminary plats, final plats, application forms, construction drawings and other required submissions under the terms of these Regulations.
         (Ord 1974-99. Passed 10-22-74.)