(a)    Permanent concrete reference monuments, as described in subsection (b) hereof, shall be located and set as follows: At least four permanent markers in each subdivision plat of ten lots or less, and not less than six permanent markers in each plat containing over ten lots. The permanent concrete reference monuments shall be installed at the outer perimeter of the subdivision prior to the final acceptance of a plat.
   (b)    Permanent reference markers shall be of one inch steel rod set in, and running through a concrete block at least six inches in diameter and at least thirty inches long. The bottom of such concrete block shall be set at least thirty inches deep below finished grade in the subdivision, and the points at which all such permanent markers may be found shall be designated on the plat.
   (c)    Iron pin monuments five-eighths inch in diameter and thirty inches long, shall be placed by the surveyor at all points on the plat boundary lines where there is a change of direction not marked by a concrete monument and at all lot corners.
(Ord. 1974-99. Passed 10-22-74.)