(a)    Authority. Division of the following parcels may be approved by the City Manager or designate, acting as an agent for Planning Commission. These three classes of land split are exempt from the requirement of platting.
      (1)    The division or partition of land into parcels of more than five acres, each not involving any new streets or easements or access.
      (2)    The sale or exchange of parcels between adjoining lot owners, where such sale or exchange does not create additional building sites as defined by zoning or the Subdivision Regulations, or reduce the original tract below the requirements of zoning or these Regulations.
      (3)    The division or partition of land into five parcels or less fronting upon an existing street.
   (b)    Procedure. Whenever any division is to be made by recording of a deed rather than a plat, the party or parties desiring to make the transfer shall submit the deed and a sketch of the parcel (showing geographic location, point of beginning, boundary distances, direction, deed volume and page and date of immediate previous transfer), to the City Manager, or designate. The City Manager shall submit a copy of deed and sketch to the appropriate agency who may stamp "Approved", "No Plat Required", and attach their signatures, if the division conforms to appropriate standards. The decision must be made within ten working days after receipt of the deed and sketch. After receipt of approvals, the City Manager shall stamp the deed "Approved", attach his signature and the transfer may then be recorded.
   (c)    Fees.
(1)    A fee of five dollars ($5.00) per parcel shall be charged the subdivider for the submission of a deed and sketch to the City Manager under the provisions of this section.
(2)    The maximum charge for the submission of deeds and sketches shall be twenty-five dollars ($25.00); minimum would be ten dollars ($10.00) for two parcels.
(Ord. 1975-34. Passed 9-12-75; Ord. 1975-68. Passed 9-23-75.)