(a)   Following the preapplication conference, the subdivider shall submit a preliminary plat of the proposed subdivision, prepared by a qualified registered engineer and surveyor, along with written application for approval of the plat, and such information, requirements and plans as are specified herein, to the Planning Commission in accordance with the requirements set forth below:
      (1)    Three copies of the completed "Application for Preliminary Plat Approval", to which are attached preliminary drawings, shall be submitted to the Clerk no later than fourteen days prior to the Planning Commission meeting at which consideration is desired.
      (2)    At the time three copies of the application are filed with the Clerk, eight prints of the preliminary plat drawing with a location map of the area to be subdivided superimposed upon the preliminary plat sheets shall also be submitted. 
      (3)    At the time of filing the preliminary plat, every subdivider will be charged a uniform filing fee to be determined by resolution of Council. Of the applications, maps and requirements specified in the immediately preceding paragraph, one copy of the “Application for Preliminary Plat Approval” shall be retained in the Planning Commission files and shall be marked with any corrections or additions deemed necessary by the City Manager or his duly authorized representative, or others considered to have an interest in the proposed subdivision, and by the Planning Commission when the plat is considered for formal approval; one copy shall be retained by the City Manager with corrections and additions noted; and one copy shall be retained until after the first review and until such time as all the various officials and agencies and the Planning Commission have made their review and commented on approval of the plat. This copy will then be marked and returned with a letter of approval or disapproval to the subdivider. In addition, prints of the preliminary plat may be distributed to City officials or others when an interest is involved that needs a print of the preliminary plat for review purposes.
   (b)    If at some point in time following formal approval of the preliminary plat, certain changes in the basic layout are desired by the developer, then a new preliminary plat must be resubmitted for the total landholding to enable the City to check for conformance with the City's ordinances and plans, including utility general concept plans.
(Ord. 1974-99. Passed 10-22-74.)