(a)   Size of Sanitary Sewer. The minimum size of ' any sanitary sewer shall be eight inches. Any sanitary sewer of over twelve inches in diameter shall be considered a trunk line sewer. Properties benefitting from such a trunk sewer may be assessed for a sewer up to and including twelve inches.
   (b)   Property Not Participating in Cost of Extension. Sewer lines extended past property not participating in the cost of the extension, and the person, firm, corporation or municipality paying the cost thereof, may recover a portion of the cost of the extension in the following manner:
      (1)   The cost of the sewer extension provided herein, paid under subsection (b), shall be certified by the builder and approved by the City Manager, together with a list of benefitted property and the owners thereof and the footage of the benefitted properties. The Manager shall then determine the pro rata share to each property, based upon the foot frontage of such property.
      (2)   If a person not participating in the original cost of a sewer extension applies for service within ten years of the date of installation, and a person, firm or corporation which installed the extension, are residents of, or are located within the county, the person applying for service shall produce a release from the installers prior to the issuance of permission to tap into the sewer extension, provided that the ten year limit does not apply to extensions paid for by the City.
   (c)   Small Extensions. In no event shall any service be extended ahead of a main, through private property or easement, to serve a property not immediately adjacent to the main, or to serve a property around the corner from a main, if, in the opinion of the Manager, a main should be extended to serve such property. However, a service may be extended ahead of a main to a property or around the corner to a property provided that the owner or owners of such property shall enter into a contract with the City and agree for himself, his heirs and assigns, to share his proportionate expense of any extension of a main which may, at a later date, be required to serve the property beyond the limits of his own property. Such agreement shall be in the form of a covenant and shall run with the land and upon its execution be recorded in the deed records of Sandusky County, Ohio, at the expense of the person so served.
   (d)   Extensions of Sewer Service Outside of Corporate Limits. Extensions of sewer service outside of the corporate limits may be made provided the property owner or owners, requesting such sewer service, shall agree for himself, his heirs and assigns, to sign an annexation petition if and when the area including the property is sought to be annexed to the City or requested by the City to be annexed. The agreement shall contain a clause setting forth that such agreement shall be attached to and made a part of any annexation petition and shall serve as a signature to the petition. These agreements shall be in the form of a covenant and shall run with the land and upon its execution shall be recorded in the deed records of Sandusky County at the expense of the person so serviced.
(Ord. 2001-25.  Passed 2-20-01.)