§ 155.09  FACADES.
   The following regulations apply.
   (A)   All original brick decoration on upper facades should be preserved and maintained.
   (B)   Sheet metal elements such as cornices and hood molding should be regularly maintained and repaired where necessary.
   (C)   Windows on upper floors shall be kept in their original appearance and configuration. The enclosing or bricking in of windows should not be allowed. Replacement of windows should be with new frame units to match the original, if possible.
   (D)   Replacement with baked enamel, aluminum frames, and sash is also acceptable.
   (E)   The upper facades of commercial buildings should never be covered with added metal or frame panels.
   (F)   The use of retractable canvas awnings over storefronts is acceptable. Canvas or acrylic awnings are preferred over fixed metal or wood awnings.
(Prior Code, § 155.09)  (Ord. 97.12-1, passed 12-22-1997)