§ 154.09  RIGHTS OF CITY.
   (A)   The city specifically reserves the right to not rent a lot in the city trailer park to any renter deemed untrustworthy or undesirable by the city.
   (B)   Appropriate credit and reference checks will be conducted by the city on any applicant for lot rental before said applicant shall be permitted to rent a lot in the trailer park.
   (C)   The city is specifically not responsible for any fire, theft, or damage of any kind to any mobile home, vehicle, or other personal property situated in the trailer park. The city will also not be liable or responsible for any personal injuries occurring inside the trailer park.
   (D)   The city specifically reserves the right to require any renter to vacate their premises for improper, undesirable, and/or illegal conduct or for any act or acts that harass, annoy, or alarm or create a nuisance the other lot renters in the trailer park. Lot renters are also responsible for the conduct and actions of the occupants of the mobile home and their invited guests to the trailer park.
(Prior Code, § 154.09)  (Ord. 2004-11.01, passed 11-15-2004)