(A)   Tiny home planned development units are permissible in the R-3 Zoning District.
   (B)   Application must be made to BOZA in accordance with established conditional use permit procedures.
   (C)   Tiny home planned development units shall be permitted a density of no more than eight tiny home lots per acre.
   (D)   Tiny homes shall be separated from each other by minimum of 15 feet.
   (E)   At least one parking space shall be provided for each tiny home.
   (F)   In tiny home planned development units, there can be up to four tiny homes present on one lot.
   (G)   The minimum distance between tiny homes must be at least 15 feet
   (H)   There must be a common open area. The common open space area shall include usable public spaces, such as lawn, gardens, patios, plazas, or scenic viewing areas. Common tables, chairs, and benches are encouraged, with all homes having access to it. Two hundred square feet of common space is required per unit. Community buildings or clubhouses can be counted towards the common open space calculation.
   (I)   All tiny homes within these units shall comply with the requirements of any applicable housing or building codes.
   (J)   Tiny homes in these units shall comply with all other requirements for dwelling units contained in this Zoning Code and all other ordinances in this code of ordinances unless specifically stated in this section.
   (K)   Any other appropriate or more stringent conditions deemed necessary by the Planning Commission to protect the public health, safety, and welfare, and character of the neighborhood may be imposed.
(Ord. 2021-153, passed - -)  Penalty, see § 153.999