(A)   In the R-1 District, there may be a maximum of two tiny homes present on one lot. In the R-2 District, there may be a maximum of three tiny homes present on one lot. In the R-3 District, there may be a maximum of four tiny homes present on one lot, with the exception of in a tiny home planned development unit.
   (B)   On a lot where there are two or more dwelling units present, any deeds must remain with one owner in perpetuity. This does not mean any given owner must continue to hold the deeds in perpetuity, but means that any given owner must sell or otherwise transfer all deeds at once. It is prohibited to sell or otherwise transfer only one deed.
   (C)   Tiny homes shall not be more than 400 square feet or less than 200 square feet, nor have more than two bedrooms.
   (D)   All setback requirements that apply to a lot with one dwelling unit apply to lots with two or more tiny homes as primary dwelling units.
   (E)   The minimum distance between tiny homes must be at least 15 feet.
   (F)   All tiny homes must be placed on a permanent foundation.
   (G)   There must be at least one parking space for each tiny home.
   (H)   All tiny homes shall comply with the requirements of any applicable housing or building codes.
   (I)   Tiny homes shall comply with all other requirements for dwelling units contained in this Zoning Code and all other ordinances in this code of ordinances unless specifically stated in this section.
   (J)   Any other appropriate or more stringent conditions deemed necessary by the Planning Commission to protect the public health, safety, and welfare, and character of the neighborhood may be imposed.
   (K)   Application for a permit for a tiny home shall be made to BOZA in accordance with established conditional use permit procedures. All general zoning permit application procedures are also applicable.
(Ord. 2021-153, passed - -)  Penalty, see § 153.999