(A)   Mobile homes for rent and mobile home lots for rent may not exist outside of mobile home parks within the city. Conditional use permits may be issued owner-occupied mobile homes. Tie-downs, underpinning, annual permit renewal, and the same regulations as those covering single-family dwellings shall be part of the conditions imposed by the Board of Adjustments when issuing a conditional use permit. This conditional use permit shall be issued for the applicant only and is not transferable. Travel trailers, buses, and campers may not be set on individual lots for permanent dwellings.
   (B)   All conditional use permits issued for a mobile home on an individual lot of record may be reviewed at the end of a 12-month period and either renewed or rescinded.
(Prior Code, § 153.35)  (Ord. 920.2, passed 10-30-1980; Ord. 2021-153, passed - -)