(A)   Camping, unless authorized by the Mayor due to a special event creating an overflow in the campground, shall be restricted to the campground.
   (B)   Campsites can be rented at the campground by up to six people per site for $30 per day. Each additional individual, besides the six people, shall be charged $5 per day per person. Children age two and under stay in the campground for free.
   (C)   Pets in the campground shall:
      (1)   Be kept on a leash or otherwise restrained at all times;
      (2)   Not be tied to trees or shrubs in the campground;
      (3)   A camper with a pet in the campground shall clean up after the camper’s pet; and
      (4)   Campers who are unable to control their pets in the campground may be required to leave the campground.
   (D)   Sewage or gray water from tents or recreational vehicles shall not be dispensed or disposed of on the premises of the campground, except at a sewage disposal site. Dishes, pots, pans, and silverware shall not be washed at any spigots in the campground. Vehicles or equipment shall not be washed within the campground.
   (E)   Campers in the campground shall not:
      (1)   Hang lanterns on any trees or shrubs in the campground;
      (2)   Drive any object into a tree, shrub, sign, building, or other object or structure in the campground; or
      (3)   Dig any deep ruts or trenches in the campground.
   (F)   (1)   Motorbikes, motorcycles, motor scooters, and mopeds in the campground shall be restricted to use only on the road or roadways in the campground and only for use in entering and exiting the campground.
      (2)   Four wheelers, all-terrain vehicles, utility type vehicles, or other similar type vehicles and golf carts may be prohibited within certain portions of the campground in areas designated by the Mayor.
      (3)   Campers and visitors operating a motorized vehicle in the campground shall always have said vehicle under control and shall not operate their vehicle in a reckless or careless manner.
      (4)   Any driver in the campground shall be at least 16 years of age and have a valid driver’s license.
      (5)   The above provisions may not apply, in the Mayor’s discretion, to a motorized vehicle in the campground operated by a person with a disability who:
         (a)   Is using a motorized vehicle to travel to and from the campground facilities; and
         (b)   Has proof of his or her disability, such as an appropriate identification card or a vehicle disability license plate.
   (G)   (1)   A camper shall register for a campsite at the campground at City Hall or other designated area and shall receive a campsite assignment.
      (2)   A camper shall not change a campsite assignment unless permission for such change is granted by the Mayor or City Hall.
      (3)   If a camper is permitted to select a site of the camper’s choice, the camper shall return immediately to City Hall and identify the chosen site.
   (H)   Fires in the campground shall be restricted solely to the rings in designated areas in the campground only and shall be properly attended at all times.
   (I)   Vehicles shall be parked in campsite spaces and campground parking lots. Vehicles shall not block adjacent campsites or any roadways in the campground.
   (J)   (1)   A camper shall keep the camping site clean and dispose of any refuse in the proper receptacles provided by the city.
      (2)   Campers may camp in the grass in the campground only with the prior permission of the Mayor or City Hall.
   (K)   Fireworks shall not be allowed in the campground.
   (L)   A camper shall not deface or damage any campground property.
   (M)   No camper shall be permitted to stay at a site in the campground for more than 14 consecutive days or for more than 20 days in any 30-day period.
   (N)   Any visitors to the campground shall be required to obey all campground rules and regulations.
   (O)   A camper or a camper’s guest in the campground shall not engage in fighting, or use any threatening or abusive language, or commit any lewd acts or conduct which causes public inconvenience, annoyance, alarm, unreasonable noise, or which is disturbing to campground patrons.
   (P)   Any person violating any provisions of this section can be punished under any applicable federal, state, or local laws or ordinances and/or can be temporarily or permanently removed from the campground premises.
(Ord. 2017-, passed 1-16-2017)