§ 39.99 PENALTY.
   (A)   A proven violation, as determined by the Ethics Commission, shall subject the offender to a civil penalty to be recovered by the city/county in a civil action in the nature of debt, if the offender does not pay the penalty within 30 days after the offender has been cited for the offense. Enforcement of the penalty shall be in accordance with KRS 83A.065(8).
   (B)   Persons found in violation of the standards of conduct as set forth in this chapter shall be subject to fines ranging from $10 to $250 based on the severity of the infraction as assessed by the Ethics Commission.
   (C)   Violations which could be subject to criminal penalties shall be referred by the Ethics Commission to the proper prosecutorial authority.
   (D)   Violations of § 39.31 will result in a fine of $25 for the first month; then $10 per day up to a maximum of $500.
(Prior Code, §§ 38.21, 38.99) (Ord. 94-10.1, passed 10-17-1994)