For the purpose of this chapter, the following definitions shall apply unless the context clearly indicates or requires a different meaning.
   BUSINESS ASSOCIATE. A corporation, business association, or other business entity in which the county/city government officer or employee serves as a compensated agent or representative.
   BUSINESS ORGANIZATION. Any legal entity through which business is conducted for profit.
   CANDIDATE. Any individual who seeks nomination or election to a county/city government office.
   CITY BUSINESS. Any discussion of specific city issues that go beyond general information.
   CITY/COUNTY. Breckinridge County or the City of Cloverport or the City of Irvington.
   CITY/COUNTY AGENCY. Any board, commission, authority, non-stock corporation, or other entity formed by the city/county government or a combination of local governments.
   CITY/COUNTY GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEE. Any person, whether compensated or not, whether full-time or part-time, employed by or serving the city/county government, or city/county government agency, but shall not mean any employees of a school district or school board.
      (1)   Any person, whether compensated or not, whether full-time or part-time, who is elected to any county/city government office; or any person who serves as a member of the governing body of a participating city/county government agency or special taxing or non-taxing district, including:
         (a)   Mayor;
         (b)   County Judge/Executive;
         (c)   Members of the City Council;
         (d)   Members of the Fiscal Court;
         (e)   County Clerk;
         (f)   Sheriff;
         (g)   Coroner;
         (h)   Surveyor;
         (i)   Constable; and
         (j)   Jailer.
      (2)   Shall not mean any officer of a school district or school board.
   MEMBER OF IMMEDIATE FAMILY. A spouse, an unemancipated child residing in an individual’s household, or a person claimed by the individual or individual’s spouse as a dependent for tax purposes.
   RULE OF NECESSITY. The county/city government, agency, or district may make or enter into a contract in which an officer or employee or members of his or her immediate family or a business associate has an economic interest if the nature of the transaction and the nature of the interest is publicly disclosed on the record prior to the time it is engaged in; and a specific finding is made by the county/city government, agency, or district and entered on the official record of the proceedings of the governing body that, notwithstanding the conflict, it is in the best interests of the local government because of limited supply, price, or documented emergency.
   SOCIAL MEDIA. The content created by individuals using the internet. Examples of social media include but are not limited to, Facebook, blogs, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Linkedin, and Flicker.
(Prior Code, § 38.04) (Ord. 94-10.1, passed 10-17-1994; Ord. 2019-03.01, passed 3-18-2019)