(A)   All federal, state, county, and local tax funds intended for the use of the Fire Department shall be handled exclusively by the City Clerk-Treasurer who is bonded to handle such funds. The City Clerk- Treasurer is responsible for accounting for these funds in such a manner as is necessary for auditing procedures.
   (B)   Any private funds donated to or earned by the Fire Department may be retained by the Department and used as it may choose.
   (C)   The normal and routine expenses of the Fire Department shall be budgeted and paid for from the General Fund of the city. However, there is hereby created a “Fire Department Fund” into which all State Department of Insurance funds and such other city funds as directed by the Mayor shall be deposited, which funds shall be used for authorized purchases of Fire Department equipment.
   (D)   This Fire Equipment Fund shall be a fund of the city and disbursements and accounting shall be effected in the same manner as with all city funds.
(Prior Code, § 35.26)  (Ord. 02-84, passed 1-10-1984)