§ 36.003  CHIEF OF POLICE.
   (A)   The creation of the office of Police Chief is hereby established, confirmed, and ratified.
   (B)   The Police Chief and all police officers shall be appointed by the Mayor at will, and shall be removed by the Mayor at will.
   (C)   No person shall be appointed or act as Police Chief unless such person has taken the oath required by the Constitution of the Commonwealth of Kentucky.
   (D)   The Chief of Police shall, subject to the executive authority of the city, be responsible for the organization and operation of the Police Department of the city, and shall supervise, direct, and control the equipment and personnel thereof as peace officers of the city and state in the enforcement of all statutes, laws, and ordinances thereof. The Chief of Police shall also perform any and all other functions and duties required by the Mayor.
   (E)   Compensation for this office shall be paid at the rate established by the personnel policy of the city.
(Prior Code, § 35.03)  (Ord. 320.1, passed - -; Ord., passed 7-16-2001)
   Personnel policy, see § 38.01