(A)   It is the responsibility of the head of the department to act as or designate a steward for each piece of property. Generally, the steward would be the person who has routine control and use of a given piece of property. The steward shall do the following:
      (1)   Answer questions regarding the location, availability, condition, and usage of the specific asset or assets for which he or she is responsible;
      (2)   Arrange appropriate preventative maintenance or essential repairs for any capital asset which are necessary to keep the asset in good working order;
      (3)   Ensure that the asset is used for the purpose for which it was intended and that there is no personal or unauthorized use;
      (4)   Report to the department head or Town Manager or Clerk-Treasurer any property damage or theft of any capital asset; and
      (5)   Serve as the department contact for the named item during the physical inventory process.
   (B)   Upon receipt of a new capital asset, the department head or his or her designee shall:
      (1)   Record the receipt of any new assets;
      (2)   Examine the new asset to make certain that no damage was incurred during shipment; and
      (3)   Inspect the asset to assure that the asset was received in working order.
(Ord. 2016-13, passed 9-29-2016)