(A)   Property should not be transferred from one department to another, sold, given away, or otherwise disposed of without prior approval of the department head.
   (B)   When any transfer as described above is required, the department head or his or her designee shall complete a vehicle/equipment out processing checklist and deliver the completed form to the Town Clerk-Treasurer’s office. This process shall be completed for any transfer which involves any movement of an asset by virtue of change in location, either by account, department, building, floor, or room or the retirement or disposal of property.
   (C)   The completed vehicle/equipment out processing checklist shall include the following:
      (1)   Sufficient detail to properly identify the asset involved, including the asset’s tag number or town identification;
      (2)   Legible and accurate entries;
      (3)   Correct and accurate information; and
      (4)   The signature of the department head verifying the accuracy of the information involved.
   (D)   If a capital asset is stolen, the department involved shall notify the Police Department as well as the Clerk-Treasurer’s office of the theft, in writing.
(Ord. 2016-13, passed 9-29-2016)