(A)   The number of full-time deputy marshals not to exceed the budget the Town Council set forth.
   (B)   The town does not hire part-time deputies at this time.
   (C)   The Marshal is authorized to institute a reserve police officers program not to exceed the budget the Town Clerks shall set forth.
   (D)   All town deputy marshals are prohibited from working outside employment with the town equipment (cars) which includes uniforms unless approved by the Town Council President and a release of liability form is signed and filed with the Clerk-Treasurer.
   (E)   The Town Marshal may limit the use of the town police vehicles in any manner that he or she deem to be reasonable. The Marshal and/or his deputies may reside outside of the town limits.
   (F)   Notwithstanding mutual assistance, the following is a map of the approved patrol/response area for the town.
(Ord. 2015-12, passed 11-13-2015; Ord. 2016-23, passed 12-29-2016)