(A)   Department of Stormwater Management established. The Town Council herein establishes a Department of Stormwater Management to be administered by the Town’s Board of Directors.
(I.C. 8-1.5-5-4)
   (B)   Powers and duties. The Directors created pursuant to the terms of this section shall have those powers provided for under I.C. 8-1.5-5 et. seq., as the same may be amended from time to time.
   (C)   Board members. The Board will consist of three members:
      (1) Appointed by the Town Council President;
      (2)   Not more than two members can be of the same political party; and
      (3)   Resides in the town limits.
   (D)   Terms. The terms of office of the Stormwater Board shall be three years.
      (1)   Each new appointment shall have terms that are staggered for consistencies of the Board.
      (2)   Each term expires on January 1, after serving their three-year appointment, or until his or her successor is appointed and qualified.
   (E)   Vacancies. If any vacancy occurs among the Stormwater Board, the President of the Town Council shall appoint a member of the same political party as the vacating member for the unexpired term of the vacating member.
   (F)   Annual meeting. The Stormwater Board, in January, shall hold an annual meeting for the purposes of organization. At the annual meeting, the members shall select a President, Vice President and Secretary.
   (G)   Quorum. A quorum consists of a majority of the entire membership.
(Ord. 2013-9, passed 11-12-2013)