A.   Appointment, Duties And Responsibilities Of Local Official:
      1.   The Community Development Director is hereby appointed to implement and administer the provisions of this chapter and will herein be referred to as the Administrator.
      2.   Duties and responsibilities of the Administrator shall include, but not necessarily be limited to the following:
         a.   Review all floodplain development applications to assure that the provisions of this chapter will be satisfied.
         b.   Review floodplain development applications to assure that all necessary permits have been obtained from Federal, State and local governmental agencies including approval when required from the Department of Natural Resources for floodplain construction.
         c.   Record and maintain a record of:
            1   The elevation (in relation to North American Vertical Datum 1988) of the lowest floor (including basement) of all new or substantially improved structures or
            2   The elevation to which new or substantially improved structures have been floodproofed.
         d.   Notify adjacent communities/counties and the Department of Natural Resources prior to any proposed alteration or relocation of a watercourse and submit evidence of such notifications to the Federal Emergency Management Agency.
         e.   Keep a record of all permits, appeals and such other transactions and correspondence pertaining to the administration of this chapter.
         f.   Notify the Federal Insurance Administration of any annexations or modifications to the community's boundaries.
         g.   Review subdivision proposals to insure such proposals are consistent with the purpose of this chapter and advise the Planning and Zoning Commission of potential conflict.
         h.   Maintain the accuracy of the community's Flood Insurance Rate Maps when;
            1   Development placed within the Floodway Overlay District results in any of the following:
               (A)   An increase in the base flood elevations, or
               (B)   Alteration to the floodway boundary;
            2   Development placed in Zones A, AE, AH, and A1-30 that does not include a designated floodway that will cause a rise of more than one foot (1') in the base elevation; or
            3   Development relocates or alters the channel.
Within six (6) months of the completion of the development, the applicant shall submit to FEMA all scientific and technical data necessary for a Letter of Map Revision.
         i.   Perform site inspections to ensure compliance with the standards of this chapter.
         j.   Forward all requests for variances to the Board of Adjustment for consideration.
   B.   Floodplain Development Permit:
      1.   Permit Required: A floodplain development permit issued by the Administrator shall be secured prior to any floodplain development.
      2.   Application For Permit: Application shall be made on forms furnished by the Administrator and shall include the following:
         a.   Description of the work to be covered by the permit for which application is to be made.
         b.   Description of the land on which the proposed work is to be done that will readily identify and locate the work to be done.
         c.   Location and dimensions of all buildings and building additions.
         d.   Indication of the use or occupancy for which the proposed work is intended.
         e.   Elevation of the base flood.
         f.   Elevation of the lowest floor, including the basement, of buildings or of the level to which a building is to be floodproofed.
         g.   For buildings being improved or rebuilt, the estimated cost of improvements and market value of the building prior to the improvements.
         h.   Such other information as the Administrator deems reasonably necessary for the purpose of this chapter.
      3.   Action On Permit Application: The Administrator shall, within a reasonable time, make a determination as to whether the proposed floodplain development meets the applicable standards of this chapter and shall approve or disapprove the application. For disapprovals, the applicant shall be informed, in writing, of the specific reasons therefor. The Administrator shall not issue permits for variances except as directed by the Board of Adjustment.
      4.   Construction And Use To Be As Provided In Application And Plans: Floodplain development permits based on the basis of approved plans and applications authorize only the use, arrangement, and construction set forth in such approved plans and applications and no other use, arrangement or construction. Any use, arrangement, or construction in conflict with that approved permit shall be deemed a violation of this chapter. The applicant shall be required to submit certification by a professional engineer or land surveyor, as appropriate, registered in the State of Iowa, that the finished fill, building floor elevations, floodproofing, or other flood protection measures were accomplished in compliance with the provisions of this chapter, prior to the use or occupancy of any structure. (Ord. 1067, 1-24-2019)