A.   Authority: The Legislature of the State of Iowa has in chapter 414, Code of Iowa, as amended, delegated the power to cities to enact zoning regulations to secure safety from flood and to promote health and the general welfare.
   B.   Findings Of Fact:
      1.   The flood hazard areas of the City of Clive are subject to periodic inundation which can result in loss of life and property, health and safety hazards, disruption of commerce and governmental services, extraordinary public expenditures for flood protection and relief, and impairment of the tax base all of which adversely affect the public health, safety and general welfare of the community.
      2.   These flood losses, hazards, and related adverse effects are caused by:
         a.   The occupancy of flood hazard areas by uses vulnerable to flood damages which create hazardous conditions as a result of being inadequately elevated or otherwise protected from flooding; and
         b.   The cumulative effect of obstructions on the floodplain causing increases in flood heights and velocities.
      3.   This chapter relies upon engineering methodology for analyzing flood hazards which is consistent with the standards established by the Department of Natural Resources.
   C.   Statement Of Purpose: It is the purpose of this chapter to protect and preserve the rights, privileges and property of the City of Clive and its residents and to preserve and improve the peace, safety, health, welfare, and comfort and convenience of its residents by minimizing those flood losses described in subsection B1 of this section with provisions designed to:
      1.   Reserve sufficient floodplain area for the conveyance of flood flows so that flood heights and velocities will not be increased substantially.
      2.   Restrict or prohibit uses which are dangerous to health, safety or property in times of flood or which cause excessive increases in flood heights or velocities.
      3.   Require that uses vulnerable to floods, including public facilities which serve such uses, be protected against flood damage at the time of initial construction or substantial improvement.
      4.   Protect individuals from buying lands which may not be suited for intended purposes because of flood hazard.
      5.   Assure that eligibility is maintained for property owners in the community to purchase flood insurance through the National Flood Insurance Program. (Ord. 1067, 1-24-2019)