A.   In interpreting and applying the provisions of this title, such provisions shall be held to the minimum requirements for the promotion of the public health, safety, and welfare. The regulations of this title shall be construed broadly to promote the purposes for which they are adopted.
   B.   The regulations of this title are not intended to interfere with, abrogate, or annul any other ordinance, rule or regulation, statute, private covenants or other provision of law except as provided in these regulations. If a conflict between requirements appears within this title, the most restrictive requirement shall prevail.
   C.   Information erroneously presented by any official or employee of the city does not negate or diminish the provisions of this title pertaining thereto.
   D.   Whenever a number of days are specified in this title, or in any permit, condition of approval or notice issued or given as set forth in this title, such number of days shall be deemed to be consecutive calendar days, unless otherwise specified.
   E.   Whenever application of this title results in standards being expressed in fractions of whole numbers, such fractions are to be rounded to the next higher whole number, except that quantities expressing units per acre shall not be rounded.
   F.   All references to density in this title are based on gross site area unless otherwise specified.
   G.   Whenever this title refers to setback distances, the setback standard shall be measured from the official property lines, unless noted otherwise.
   H.   No action of the city, its city council, planning and zoning commission, or the community development director shall be deemed invalid by reason of failure to comply with or conform to the provisions of this title, provided that the procedural requirements of the code of Iowa have been met.
   I.   It is the intent of this title that all questions of interpretation and enforcement shall be first presented to the community development director, and that such questions shall be presented to the board of adjustment only on appeal from the decision of the community development director, and that recourse from the decision of the board of adjustment shall be as provided by law. (Ord. 876, 1-17-2008)