11-1-3: POLICY:
   A.   The regulations of this title apply to development of any parcel of land located within the corporate limits of the city or outside the corporate limits of the city as provided by law.
   B.   The existing and proposed public improvements shall conform to and be properly related to the requirements shown in the comprehensive plan, official map, state "Urban Standard Specifications For Public Improvements Manual" (SUDAS), state "Urban Design Standards For Public Improvements Manual", the "Development Standards Manual", and it is intended that these regulations supplement and facilitate the enforcement of the provisions and standards contained in building and housing codes and subdivision regulations.
   C.   Land that has been developed before the effective date hereof shall, whenever possible, be brought within the scope of these regulations to further the purposes of regulations identified in section 11-1-2 of this chapter.
   D.   An entitlement to construct a structure on any land shall only be issued for a legal platted lot of record.
   E.   No certificates of zoning compliance or certificate of occupancy shall be issued for any parcel of land or development not in substantial conformity with the provisions of this title. No excavation of land or construction of any public or private improvements shall take place or be commenced except in conformity with this title.
   F.   No building permit shall be issued until a final plat, site plan, site plan amendment or administratively approved site plan amendment has been approved. (Ord. 876, 1-17-2008)
   G.   It being essential to the proper government and administration of the city and to protect the health, safety and welfare of its citizens, the city council has determined that it is necessary to enact a temporary moratorium on certain zoning and development activities within the Emerald Isle area, as defined in exhibit A attached to the ordinance codified herein ("Emerald Isle area"). The purpose of this moratorium is to allow sufficient time for land use planning in order to facilitate development of the Emerald Isle area.
      1.   A moratorium is hereby imposed, effective August 7, 2008, until April 1, 2009, upon the modification of any property in the Emerald Isle area which would require development review and approval under section 175.42 of the city of Clive zoning regulations site plan requirements.
      2.   During the effective period of this moratorium, no official, officer or agency of the city of Clive shall accept development applications, plans or permits for any property modification requiring development review or approval.
      3.   Those provisions of the city of Clive zoning ordinance that are inconsistent or conflicting with the provisions of this subsection G are hereby repealed for the duration of the moratorium hereby ordained and any extension thereof, but not otherwise. (Ord. 894, 8-7-2008)