Cable Television Committee
   EDITOR'S NOTE:  Ordinance 264, passed November 26, 1979, granted a cable television system franchise to Comcast Cablevision of Clinton, Inc., and provided regulations, conditions and standards in connection therewith.  At the time of the preparation of these Codified Ordinances, Ordinance 264 had been amended by Ordinances 264-A-1, 264-A-2, 264-A-3 and 264-A-4. Ordinance 315, passed October 15, 1996, amended Ordinances 264 and 264-A-1 through 264-A-4.  Ordinance 318, passed September 15, 1997, repealed the entire chapter.  Copies of these ordinances may be obtained, at cost, from the Township Clerk.  See also Chapter 283.