Codified Ordinances
202.01   Designation; citation; headings.
202.02   Amendments and supplements; numbering.
202.03   Definitions and interpretation.
202.04   Notices.
202.05   Appearance tickets.
202.06   Liberal construction; separability.
202.07   Sections and ordinances repealed.
202.08   Exemptions from repeal.
202.09   Approval disallowed for non payment.
202.10   Use of funds on deposit with the Township for other liabilities.
202.99   General Code penalty; complicity.
   Codification; adoption of technical codes - see Michigan Charter Township Act (Act 359 of 1947)
   Publication of codes of municipal ordinances - see M.C.L.A. Sec. 117.5b
   Ordinances and resolutions - see ADM. Ch. 212