(A)   Any taxicab license granted under the terms of this chapter may be revoked or suspended by the Common Council upon proof at a public hearing:
      (1)   Such taxicab was used with the knowledge and consent of the owner for immoral or illegal business or conduct in violation of any ordinance, or state or federal law;
      (2)   The owner permitted such taxicab to be operated by a person not duly licensed to operate a taxicab under the laws of the state;
      (3)   Such taxicab is in an unsafe condition and may constitute a hazard to its passengers or other persons or vehicles using the streets of the city; or
      (4)   Such taxicab was not operated as a taxicab for hire within the city for a period of 60 consecutive days or more.
   (B)   The licensee shall be given a written notice by registered mail, return receipt requested, setting forth the nature of his or her alleged violation of this chapter more than ten days before the public hearing thereon. Such licensee may appear and be represented by an attorney at such hearing and may produce witnesses who will testify in his or her behalf and the licensee or his or her attorney may cross-examine all other witnesses at such hearing.
   (C)   Upon all the evidence being heard the Common Council shall decide, by majority vote, whether the charges have been proved beyond a reasonable doubt. If the Council’s decision is that the charges have been proved beyond a reasonable doubt, they may revoke the license or suspend it during such time as they feel would best serve the citizens of the city.
   (D)   All charges under this section shall be instituted by the Chief of Police and all notices to be served hereunder shall be signed by said Chief of Police. The City Attorney shall act as prosecutor at said hearing and may call witnesses to prove the charges alleged.
(1989 Code, § 113.14)  (Ord. 5-1966, passed 11-21-1966)