The Clerk-Treasurer may not issue any taxicab license under the terms of this chapter until the taxicab has been inspected by the Chief of Police of the city and such Chief of Police has certified to the Clerk-Treasurer that his or her inspection shows the taxicab to be in a safe condition.
   (A)   Such inspection shall be for the purpose of determining whether the physical condition of the taxicab is such that it will not be a hazard to its passengers or to other vehicles or persons when operated on the streets of the city. Such inspection shall further determine whether the condition of the taxicab complies with the requirements of the laws of the state.
   (B)   It shall be the duty of the applicant to get the taxicab inspected and to ensure that the Chief of Police certifies the results thereof to the Clerk-Treasurer. If the Chief of Police determines the taxicab to be in an unsafe condition, he or she shall certify the result to the Clerk-Treasurer along with his or her recommendation for repairs if the defect may be remedied by repairs. The applicant may have such taxicab repaired and have the Chief of Police reinspect such taxicab in the same manner as the original inspection and such result shall be certified to the Clerk-Treasurer.
(1989 Code, § 113.08)  (Ord. 5-1966, passed 11-21-1966)