(A)   There is hereby established a Board of Public Works and Safety within the executive branch. Such Board shall be the chief administrative body of the city and shall have control of the day-to-day operation of the following executive departments which are hereby established:
      (1)   Police Department;
      (2)   Fire Department;
      (3)   Street and Sanitation Department;
      (4)   Cemetery Department; and
      (5)   Water and Sewer Department (consisting of the sewage collection and disposal systems).
   (B)   The members of the Board of Public Works and Safety are the Mayor and two voters of the city who shall be chosen by the Mayor and serve at his or her pleasure. The Chiefs of the Police and Fire Departments; the head of the Department of Law; the head of the Sewage and Water Department; and the head of the Street and Sanitation Department are appointed by the Mayor and serve at his or her pleasure. Pursuant to I.C. 36-4-9-2, the Mayor shall appoint the heads of the Departments of Waterworks, Parks and Recreation and Planning and Development with the approval of the statutory board or commission operating the department.  Such appointees serve at the pleasure of the Mayor.
   (C)   Subject to the appropriation power of the Common Council, the foregoing departments shall have the ability to hire such employees and purchase or contract for such materials or services, as the Board of Works and Safety or other governing board or commission deems necessary to perform their public functions.
(1989 Code, § 30.16)  (Ord. 6-1982, passed 11-8-1982; Ord. 1-1988, passed 2-8-1988)
Statutory reference:
   Appointments by city executive; exceptions; suspension or removal; appointees serving remainder
     of unexpired term, see I.C. 36-4-11-2
   City departments, boards, and appointed officers, see I.C. 36-4-9