§ 30.002  BONDS.
   (A)   Pursuant to state law, the City Judge and the Clerk-Treasurer for the city shall file individual bonds.
   (B)   The Common Council for the city is directed to establish the amount of the bond for the Clerk-Treasurer and so establish the amount as $30,000.
   (C)   The Common Council for the city, pursuant to I.C. 5-4-1-18 does hereby establish a blanket bond for the following employees and volunteers of the Fire Department of the city:
      (1)   Chief of Police;
      (2)   Chief of Fire Department;
      (3)   Chief Engineer of Fire Department;
      (4)   Deputy Clerk-Treasurer;
      (5)   Bookkeepers for Water Department and Sewer Department;
      (6)   Court Clerks;
      (7)   Heads of Water Department and Sewer Department; and
      (8)   Cemetery Department and Street Department.
   (D)   The blanket bond of the Court Clerks, Deputy Clerk-Treasurer and bookkeepers for the Water Department shall be in the amount of $20,000 and for all other employees $5,000.
(Ord. passed 3-3-1992)