For the purpose of this subchapter, the following definitions shall apply unless the context clearly indicates or requires a different meaning.
   GARBAGE.  All organic household waste, offal, animal and vegetable matter prepared or intended for use as food, condemned foodstuffs and materials, and substance materials and things ordinarily disposed of in containers and incinerators by hotels, restaurants, stores, hospitals, apartment houses and private dwelling.
   LOT, PARCEL OF LOT or PARCEL OF REAL ESTATE.  Includes, in addition to those grounds within their respective boundaries, all of the grounds lying to the center of the street or alley or alleys where said street or alley is not improved.
   RANK VEGETATION.  Any growing weed in excess of 12 inches in height, and any plant which exhales offensive or noxious odors or from which there may be carried any injurious, offensive or annoying pollen, dust, down, particles or seeds.
   SCRAP MOTOR VEHICLE.  Any style, type or part of motor driven vehicle used or useful for the conveyance of persons or property, which is unable to move under its own power, due to defective or missing parts, and which has remained in such condition for a period of not less than ten consecutive days. This does not apply to properly zoned businesses engaged in motor vehicle repairs.
   TRASH.  All rubbish and refuse including, but not limited to, glass bottles and containers, broken glass, rubber products, metals, rags, weeds, tree toppings, grass and leaves and discarded furniture and appliances.
(1989 Code, § 93.01)  (Ord. 2-1988, passed 3-14-1988)