(A)   All city roadways shall be subject to a five-ton, gross-weight limit. The operation of any vehicle weighing in excess of this amount is expressly prohibited, unless it is making a delivery or pickup within the city by means of the shortest route from or to a state highway. A vehicle being used to make pickups, deliveries or service calls in the city shall enter the city via a state highway, restrict its travel to a minimum, and shall not be driven or moved on roadways other than state highways, except when being used to make pickups, deliveries or service calls within the city. The pickup, delivery or service call shall, at all times, be made by utilizing the most direct route to and from a state highway.
   (B)   Nothing herein contained shall prevent a vehicle otherwise restricted to a state highway from leaving or returning to the owner’s storage and maintenance location in the city, or the operator’s personal residence in the city, provided the most direct route to and from a state highway is utilized.
   (C)   The limitations prescribed in this section shall not apply to:
      (1)   Fire trucks or other emergency vehicles or vehicles on emergency business involved in the saving of life or property;
      (2)   Municipal and government-owned vehicles operating in support of a municipality or government; or
      (3)   Road repair, construction or maintenance vehicles owned and operated by a municipality or government or any contractor while involved in the repair, construction or maintenance of a road;
      (4)   The operation of any truck, or truck tractor and semi-trailer, or truck tractor and trailer combination, or truck and trailer combination classified as a commercial vehicle upon any officially established detour; or
      (5)   Garbage service vehicles while involved in the provision of usual and contractual garbage and recycling services.
(1989 Code, § 72.01)  (Ord. 4-1967, passed 11-6-1967; Ord. 10-1984, passed 12-10-1984; Ord. passed 11-10-1986; Ord. 8-2014-2, passed 8-19-2014; Ord. 9-2019-1, passed 10-15-2019)  Penalty, see § 72.99