(A)   No land shall, after the adoption of these regulations, be subdivided or filed for record, nor any street laid out, nor any improvements made to the land, until the plan or plans of the subdivision shall have been certified to and approved by action of the city council, in accordance with the procedure provided in this title; and no plat of a subdivision shall be approved without compliance with the standards of design and required improvements provided in this title. This approval must be in writing and placed on the plat and plans according to the procedures outlined herein.
   (B)   No lot, tract, or parcel of land within any such subdivision shall be offered for sale, contract for sale, or option be made or given until such subdivision plans and plat have been properly reviewed by the city and officially approved by the city council.
   (C)   No improvements, such as sidewalks, water supply, storm water drainage, sewerage facilities, gas service, electric service or lighting, or grading, paving or surfacing of streets, shall hereafter be made within any such subdivision by any owner or owners, or his or their agents, or by any public service corporation at the request of such owner or owners, or his or their agents until the plans for the subdivision and plans for improvements thereto have been formally approved by the city council.
   (D)   No plat will be approved for a subdivision which is subject to periodic flooding, or which contains poor drainage facilities and which would make adequate drainage of lots and streets impossible. However, if the subdivider agrees to make improvements which will, in the opinion of the superintendent of public works, make the area safe for residential occupancy, provide adequate lot and street drainage and not create adverse drainage conditions upstream or downstream, the preliminary plan of the subdivision may be approved.
   (E)   All land offered to the city for use as streets, alleys, schools, parks and other public use shall be referred to the planning commission for review and recommendation before being accepted by the city council or by any other governing authority of the city.
   (F)   In all subdivision development, due regard shall be given to the preservation of historical sites and natural features such as large trees, watercourses and scenic views.
   (G)   Whenever an area is subdivided into large lots which may at a later date be resubdivided, consideration shall be given to the street and lot arrangement of the original subdivision so that additional streets can be located to permit a logical arrangement of smaller lots.
   (H)   When preliminary plans for part of a tract or ownership is submitted for review and approval, the planning commission or city council may require the owner to prepare at least a street plan of his or their entire tract based upon proper topographic surveys before approval of any portion of such tract.
   (I)   The city council may vary and make exceptions, as set forth herein, in instances where there is sufficient evidence, in its opinion, of hardship caused by topographic conditions, or where any other reasonable deterrents prevail. (Ord. 869, 11-5-2001)