The purpose and intent for the adoption of the provisions of this title are as follows:
   (A)   To provide minimum standards of design for the development of subdivisions for a desired living environment and orderly growth of the community.
   (B)   To coordinate subdivision development with consideration given to the comprehensive plan prepared for the city, the orderly extension of utilities, the present and future needs of the community for public land for streets, alleys, parks, schools and other public use, the extension of police and fire protection, and the promotion of favorable conditions to ensure the health, safety and general welfare of persons living within the territory governed by this title.
   (C)   To outline procedures required of all developers, their responsibility to meet or exceed defined minimum standards, and promote a favorable working relationship between the city and the developer to safeguard the interest of the homeowner, subdivider, investor and the city.
   (D)   To establish standards for monumenting and platting to clearly delineate the limits of each and every lot, permanent easement and lands dedicated for public use. (Ord. 869, 11-5-2001)