In addition to the minimum requirements established by the Iowa Code and IAC provisions adopted by reference in this Chapter, the City of Clinton establishes the following additional requirements that must be met with respect to smoke detectors and carbon monoxide alarm installation, maintenance, operation and/or repair:
   (A)   Existing Buildings - Power Source (Carbon Monoxide Alarms).  Any residence or dwelling covered by the provisions of this Chapter that currently have hard-wired, interconnected smoke detectors and/or low power wireless (radio) device systems must incorporate the carbon monoxide alarm in the circuit or through use of a dual-purpose unit that would set off the alarm system if carbon monoxide is detected.  This requirement applies to all carbon monoxide/smoke detectors/alarms required by code in any such residence. This provision supersedes the minimum requirements set forth in IAC 661-211.14(3).
(Ord. 2632, passed 3-10-2020)