Graffiti, visible from public property or right-of-way, is hereby declared a nuisance and must be removed by the property owner within a reasonable time period not to exceed ten days after notification by the city. The notice shall be delivered personally or telephonically to the property owner followed by written notice through the regular U.S. mail. The property owner shall be informed in the notice as to the deadline by which he or she must act. If the property owner wishes to appeal the notice, he or she may do so by filing a written notice of appeal with the neighborhood enhancement office of the city and paying an appeal fee of $25 within ten days of the date of the notice. The appeal shall be heard by the hearing officer. Upon hearing, the hearing officer shall make a determination if graffiti is present. If graffiti is found to be present, the hearing officer shall specify a time by which the graffiti shall be removed. If the graffiti remains after the deadline provided by the initial notice, or in the case of an appeal the deadline specified by the hearing officer, the city may remove the graffiti and assess the cost of abatement against the property.
(Ord. 2376, passed 6-24-2008)  Penalty, see § 100.99