§ 30.46  BONDS.
   Surety bonds are provided in accordance with the following.
   (A)   Required.  The Council shall provide by resolution for a surety bond or blanket position bond running to the city and covering the Mayor, Clerk, Treasurer and other officers and employees as may be necessary and advisable.
(Iowa Code § 64.13)
   (B)   Bonds approved.  Bonds shall be approved by the Council.
(Iowa Code § 64.19)
   (C)   Bonds filed.  All bonds, after approval and proper record, shall be filed with the Clerk.
(Iowa Code § 64.23(6))
   (D)   Record.  The Clerk shall keep a book, to be known as the “Record of Official Bonds” in which shall be recorded the official bonds of all city officers, elective or appointive.
(Iowa Code § 64.24(3))
(1999 Code, § 5.02)