The following chapters of this code of ordinances contain regulations prohibiting or restricting other conditions which are deemed to be nuisances:
   (A)   Dangerous buildings;
   (B)   Air and noise pollution;
   (C)   Noise control;
   (D)   Storage and disposal of solid waste;
   (E)    Trees;
   (F)   Property maintenance.
   (G)   Any property where criminal activity is documented by the Police Department as a locus of criminal activity, based on reports collected of arrests, investigations of criminal activity and criminal calls for service, and which meets the definitions and criteria set forth in § 90.03A.
(Ord. 2414, passed 7-13-2010; Ord. 2645, passed 6-23-2020; Ord. 2686, passed 9-28-2021)
   Air and noise pollution, see Chapter 92
   Dangerous buildings, see Chapter 150
   Noise control, see Chapter 93
   Solid waste, see Chapter 50
   Trees, see Chapter 98
   Property maintenance, see Chapter 155A