§ 30.21  AGENDA.
   The Clerk shall prepare an agenda for regularly scheduled Council meetings, which shall be distributed to the Council by the end of the last work day of the week preceding the meeting. The Clerk shall assign agenda items to appropriate Council members when necessary for introduction of items. The individual Council member reserves the right to decline his or her assignment of an agenda item. In that event, the agenda item may be presented by another Council member. No matter which requires a decision by vote of the Council shall be brought before the Council unless the matter has been listed on the agenda prepared by the Clerk. A Council member may place individual items on the agenda prior to deadline. Items introduced during a regular Council meeting by Council members under old business or new business may be discussed, but no decision shall be made. Agenda items for Council action required by the Iowa Code or by this code of ordinances shall be placed on the regular Council meeting agenda by the Clerk. Ongoing business requiring policy action by the Council shall be placed on the regular Council meeting agenda by the Clerk at the direction of the City Administrator. Other items for regular Council meetings shall originate by majority vote of the Council at a Council Committee of the Whole meeting, or may originate from a standing committee. All agenda items which require the fulfillment of the legislative function of the Council shall be of a policy nature.
(1999 Code, § 7.02)