The Police Chief has the following powers and duties.
   (A)   General.  The general administration and control of the Police Department is vested in the Police Chief, who is responsible for the government, efficiency and conduct of the Department. The Police Chief, in the exercise of duties, has the power to prescribe, promulgate and enforce rules and regulations for the conduct and guidance of the members of the Department, which shall, however, not be inconsistent with this code of ordinances or the laws of the state. It is the duty of the Police Chief to cause public peace to be preserved and to enforce all the laws and ordinances of the city and state.
   (B)   Command.  It is the duty of the Police Chief to be in command of all officers appointed for police work and to be responsible for the care, maintenance and use of all vehicles and equipment for the Department. All members of the Police Department shall observe and obey the orders of their superior officers. The Police Chief may peremptorily suspend or discharge any subordinates then under the direction of the Police Chief pursuant to state law.
   (C)   Record of arrests.  The Police Chief shall cause to be kept a record of all arrests made by members of the Department.
   (D)   Other duties.  The Police Chief shall perform other duties as may be provided by Council resolution and state statute.
   (E)   Acting Police Chief.  The Police Chief shall designate an acting Police Chief to perform the duties of the Police Chief when the Police Chief is absent from the city or unable to perform duties.
(Iowa Code § 372.13(4))  (1999 Code, § 35.07)