§ 152.09  PERMITS.
   (A)   Prior to construction of any outdoor area enclosure, a permit shall be obtained from the Building Official. An application shall be accompanied by a plot plan and shall accurately reflect all proposed outdoor area enclosure structures, all easements, building setback lines and visibility triangles.
   (B)   Residential subdivision enclosures, office, business or industrial park/complex enclosures and any privacy/security enclosure constructed as a wall within any non-residential zoning district shall have detailed drawings submitted with an application. Upon approval of the application, approval by the Development Review Committee (when applicable) and payment of the permit fee, as set by the City Council, a permit shall be issued for construction.
   (C)   If the permit holder fails to comply with the provisions of this chapter, the permit shall be revoked, and the so-constructed fence shall be considered a nuisance per se and must be immediately removed.
(2012 Code, § 18-240)