The following regulations shall apply.
   (A)   Screening. Live screening using natural growth or planted vegetation shall be allowed within the city under the following provisions.
      (1)   No tree, shrub, hedge or other vegetation shall be so planted, pruned or otherwise maintained to exceed a height of two feet within the defined visibility triangle or street right-of-way.
      (2)   Any tree, shrub, hedge or other form of vegetation located within the public right-of-way, utility easement or visibility triangle shall be subject to removal (without compensation) by the authority of the city for the purpose of utility maintenance and public safety.
   (B)   Barbed wire/farm fence. Except as provided herein, the use of barbed wire and/or farm fence as an enclosing material is specifically prohibited within the city:
      (1)   Authorized in agricultural zoning when existing at the time of annexation; and
      (2)   Authorized when attached to the top of a minimum six-foot high security fence in commercial and industrial zoning district classifications.
   (C)   Electrical fences. Except as provided herein, the use of electrical fencing is specifically prohibited within the city.
      (1)   Electric fences are allowed only within commercial and industrial zoning districts.
      (2)   The electrical fence must be located a distance of at least six inches inside a non-electric fence.
      (3)   Electrical fences shall be UL approved and installed and maintained as per manufacturer’s instructions.
      (4)   Electric fences not in compliance with the above are hereby declared a nuisance per se and must be immediately removed.
(2012 Code, § 18-238)  Penalty, see § 152.99