(A)   In non-residential zoning districts, fences, walls and outdoor area enclosures may be erected if in accordance with the following regulations for privacy/security enclosures:
      (1)   May be fences or walls, as defined herein;
      (2)   Maximum height shall not exceed six feet;
      (3)   May be erected on the rear lot line of any lot, tract or parcel;
      (4)   May be erected upon the side lot line of any lot, tract or parcel; provided that, no fence may be erected on a side lot line to exceed the required front building setback without prior City Council approval; and
      (5)   No privacy/security enclosure may be erected to encroach upon any visibility triangle, right-of-way, access or drainage easements or floodway.
   (B)   Plans for each enclosures shall be specifically reviewed and approved by the City Council.
(2012 Code, § 18-236)  Penalty, see § 152.99