§ 150.31  APPLICATION.
   (A)   Application for a permit required by this subchapter shall be in writing, filed with the City Secretary, and shall contain the following:
      (1)   The nature or general character of the structure;
      (2)   Its overall length, width and height;
      (3)   The make and model of the towing vehicle;
      (4)   The length and width of the towing vehicle;
      (5)   The overall length and width of the combined structure and the towing vehicle;
      (6)   The overall height of the structure and its vehicular support; and
      (7)   The streets, alleys or other public places over which such structure is to be moved, indicating the point of origin and destination.
   (B)   Such application shall be dated and signed by the applicant or in his or her behalf by a duly authorized agent.
   (C)   A special application is required for moving homes into the city.
   (D)   This section does not apply to oversized structures being moved through the city on State Highway 6 and/or Farm Road 219.
(2012 Code, § 18-182)