Each site within the RV park shall be provided with electrical service. All electrical service shall be underground and installed in accordance with the most currently adopted National Electrical Code. The electrical service shall be installed as follows:
   (A)   A master electric meter shall be installed to serve the RV park. Sub-metering or re-metering for private purposes by the owner/operator of the RV park is permitted however sub-metering or re-metering of individual RV sites for public purposes, as determined by the city, is not permitted.
   (B)   The city has no maintenance responsibility for service lines within the RV park.
   (C)   The location of all underground lines shall be clearly marked by surface signs at approved intervals.
   (D)   Power supply to each RV site shall be a minimum of one 20-amp, one 30-amp and one 50-amp power supply.
   (E)   Outlets (receptacles or pressure connectors) shall be housed in an Underwriter’s Laboratories, Inc. approved weather proof outlet box.
   (F)   A water tight seal shall be provided for underground conduit in floodplain installations and a riser extending a minimum of two feet above the floodplain elevation shall be provided.
(Ord. 190701, passed 7-9-2019)