§ 160.14  WATER SUPPLY.
   Each site within an RV park shall be provided with a connection to the city water supply. The city must approve all proposed water facility plans prior to construction. The water distribution system shall be installed as follows:
   (A)   The water supply system, fixtures and other equipment must be installed in accordance with applicable codes adopted by the city.
   (B)   A master water meter shall be installed to the RV park.
   (C)   A reduced pressure principal backflow preventer will be required to be placed at the property line on the discharge side of the master meter or any other city-issued water meters.
   (D)   A shut-off valve shall be provided on each branch water service line. All shut-off valves shall be enclosed in an appropriate valve box. All valves shall be labeled.
   (E)   The owner/operator shall have complete maintenance responsibility for the water system within the RV park.
   (F)   The city has no maintenance responsibility for service water lines within the RV park. The responsibility of the city stops at the property line.
(Ord. 190701, passed 7-9-2019)