§ 160.10  STREET ACCESS.
   (A)   Each recreational vehicle site within the RV park shall have access to an internal private roadway which shall have access to a public street. The entrance of the internal roadway shall have a pavement width of at least 25 feet with an adequate curve radius or flare.
   (B)   The major thoroughfare shall have a pavement width (concrete, asphalt or road base) of 25 feet in accordance with city standards. The roadway may be 15 feet if the RV park is designed for one-way roads.
   (C)   Each emergency access lane shall have a clear unobstructed width of 28 feet; 15 feet if one-way and shall have a turning areas and radii with a minimum of 60 feet to permit free movement of emergency vehicles.
   (D)   Final approval of the street and access plan with be issued by the Building Official or designee during the review of the proposed site development plan.
   (E)   On street parking of RVs shall not be allowed. All RVs must be parked in their respective spaces. On street parking is not allowed.
(Ord. 190701, passed 7-9-2019)