(A)   The following regulations shall apply to the M-1 Industrial District.
   (B)   A building or premises in this district shall be used only for the following purposes:
      (1)   Any use permitted to District C-2;
      (2)   Apparel and other products assembled from finished textiles;
      (3)   Bottling works;
      (4)   Carting, express, hauling or storage yard;
      (5)   Coal, coke or wood yard;
      (6)   Contractor’s yard;
      (7)   Cosmetic manufacture;
      (8)   Drugs and pharmaceutical products manufacturing;
      (9)   Electronic products assembly;
      (10)   Fur good manufacture, but not including tanning or dyeing;
      (11)   Glass products, from previously manufactured glass;
      (12)   Household appliance products assembly and manufacture from prefabricated parts;
      (13)   Industrial and manufacturing plants including the processing or assembling of parts for production of finished equipment where the process of manufacturing or treatment of materials is such that only a nominal amount of dust, odor, gas, smoke or noise is emitted and not more than 10% of the lot or tract is used for the open storage of products, materials or equipment;
      (14)   Musical instruments assembly and manufacture; and
      (15)   Plastic products manufacture, but not including the processing of raw materials.
(2012 Code, § 93-7)