The following regulations shall apply to the C-2 Commercial District.
   (A)   Use regulations. A building or premises in this district shall be used only for the following purposes:
      (1)   Any use permitted in District R-1;
      (2)   Automobile or trailer display and sales, repair garages, tire and seat cover shops, car wash;
      (3)   Automobile museum;
      (4)   Bakeries;
      (5)   Banks;
      (6)   Building material storage yards;
      (7)   Business or commercial school;
      (8)   Candy and jewelry manufacturing;
      (9)   Carpentry, painting, plumbing or tin-smithing shops;
      (10)   Cleaning and dyeing plants, laundry;
      (11)   Creamery, ice cream manufacturing and dairy operation;
      (12)   Farm implement display and sales room;
      (13)   Florist shop or green house;
      (14)   Ice plants;
      (15)   Laundries, self service;
      (16)   Milk distributing station;
      (17)   Mortuaries;
      (18)   Offices and office buildings;
      (19)   Pet shops, retail;
      (20)   Printing, engraving and newspaper plants;
      (21)   Public utilities substations;
      (22)   Radio or television broadcasting station or studio;
      (23)   Retail stores;
      (24)   Upholstering shop, not involving furniture manufacturing;
      (25)   Veterinarian or animal hospital provided that no such building, kennel or exercise runway shall be closer than 50 feet to any R district;
      (26)   Wholesale establishments and warehouses;
      (27)   Any similar uses as determined by the Board of Adjustments which are not likely to create any more offensive noise, vibration, dust, heat, smoke, odor, glare or other objectionable influences than the minimum amount normally resulting from other uses permitted, such permitted uses being generally wholesale and retail trade, service industries and light industries that manufacture, process, store and distribute goods and materials and are, in general, department on raw materials refined elsewhere; and
      (28)   Accessory buildings and uses customarily incident to any of the above uses; provided that, such be not objectionable because of odor, smoke, dust, noise, vibration or similar nuisance.
   (B)   Height regulation. No building shall exceed six stories or 75 feet in height.
   (C)   Yard regulations.
      (1)   Front yard. For uses permitted in the R-2 District, the front yard requirements shall apply and, for other uses permitted in this district, no front yard is required.
      (2)   Side yard. For uses permitted in R-2 District, the side yard requirements for the R-2 District apply. For other uses, no side yards are required.
      (3)   Rear yard. For uses permitted in the R-2 District, the R-2 rear yard requirements shall apply. For other uses, no rear yards are required.
   (D)   Signs. Lighted and unlighted signs and poster boards are allowed.
   (E)   Intensity of use. For uses permitted in the R-2 District, the minimum lot area and minimum lot width shall be the same as the R-2 District. There are no minimum lot area or lot width requirements for other uses.
   (F)   Parking regulations.
      (1)   The parking regulations for dwellings are the same as those in the C-1 District.
      (2)   Where any structure is erected reconstructed or converted for any of the business of commercial uses permitted in this section parking spaces shall be provided in this ratio of not less than one parking space for each 200 square feet of floor space in the building which is used for commercial purposes. Such parking space may be located on the same lot as the building or on an area within 300 feet of the building. Two or more owners of buildings may join together to provide this parking space.
      (3)   Motel: at least one parking space shall be provided and maintained on the lot for each living unit.
   (G)   Additional use, height and regulations. Additional use, height and area regulations and exceptions are found in § 159.02(B) of this chapter.
(2012 Code, § 93-6)